Youssef Faragalla

machine learning, naturalistic vision, theoretical neuroscience, computational modeling

Originally from Egypt, Youssef (he/him) is a neurosciences PhD student at Stanford. He received both his undergraduate and master’s degree in neuroscience from George Mason University prior to coming to Stanford. During his master’s degree, he conducted biophysics research at Ling-Gang Wu’s lab at NINDS studying vesicle release with simultaneous single-cell electrophysiology and multi-color super-resolution microscopy. In the Baccus lab, Youssef utilizes a combination of high-resolution neural recordings, state-of-the-art machine learning models, and explainable AI methods to uncover the neural code of natural scenes in the early visual system. Outside of the lab, he enjoys playing and following soccer, performing music, catching up on the latest advances in AI and tech, and exploring the wonders of the Bay Area and California.