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Quantitative imaging for multi-scale modeling of neurological diseases

Stanford Neurosciences Institute, Olivier Gevaert

My proposed visit to the Van De Ville lab is centered on the idea to expand our methods beyond brain tumors to other neurological diseases using the Van De Ville lab’s expertise in neuro-imaging. Imaging genomics has been focused mainly on oncology; however, other neurological diseases can be studied in the same way. More specifically, we want to investigate if a transfer learning approach is possible between different neurological diseases and if a common framework can be developed that is able to quantitatively model the human brain and link it with molecular data and clinical outcome. Learning associations between medical images and molecular information for one disease, can inform the models studying a different disease. We can embed this information in mathematical frameworks and investigate transfer learning for several neurological diseases. 



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EPFL exchange host: Dimitri Van De Ville, Professor of Bioengineering, School of Engineering, Institute of Bioengineering

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EPFL-Stanford Exchange
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