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Stanford Neurosciences Institute, Stroke Cognition

Our Vision

StrokeCog is an extension of the Stroke Collaborative Action Network (SCAN) Big Idea project and is a key component of the Stanford Stroke Recovery Program. StrokeCog is focused on cognitive problems after stroke.  While common, the exact mechanisms of post stroke cognitive decline are not well understood. StrokeCog funds a large prospective cohort study aimed at identifying if neuroinflammation plays an important role in the development of post-stroke cognitive decline.  In addition, we continue to support SCAN investigators with their clinical pilot studies via a clinical core. The core helps investigators with study design, stroke subject recruitment, and regulatory requirements for human research such as IRB applications and compliance. 


Team members:

Lauren Drag (neurology)
Kara Flavin (orthopaedic surgery)
Martin Angst (anesthesiology)
Brice Gaudilliere (anesthesiology)
Michelle James (radiology)
Elizabeth Mormino (neurology)
Nima Aghaee Pour (anesthesiology)
Greg Zaharchuk (radiology)
Hadi Hosseini (psychiatry)
Allison Okamura (mechanical engineering)
Peter Tass (neurosurgery)
Scott Delp (bioengineering and mechanical engineering)


Funding Type: 
Research Accelerator
Award Year: