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Visualization Lab

Visualization of nerve fibers based on diffusion tensor imagery

We serve as a hub for Stanford researchers to explore new visualization technologies related to the study of the brain.

We provide a community space for Stanford trainees, staff and faculty to use mixed reality equipment and to develop and perform their own experiments. We will help with project setup and planning and are happy to provide advice for developing your own mixed reality applications. 

We also host a cutting-edge adaptive optics system that uses optical principles originally developed for visualizing distant stars to enable high-resolution imaging of the retina in human subjects.

Christoph Leuze, PhD, Jennifer McNab, PhD, and Alfredo Dubra, PhD

Visualization Lab co-directors

Get in touch to discuss collaborating with us on a specific research project or just to explore our technology and its potential applications.

Learn about the many applications of mixed reality technology, from visualising scientific data to targeting clinical procedures to research in the psychology of decision-making.

Learn about our new adaptive optics rig and its uses for research involving ultra-high resolution cellular imaging of the human retina.