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Interdisciplinary Scholar Awards

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Interdisciplinary Scholars

The Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Interdisciplinary Scholar Awards provide funding to extraordinary postdoctoral scientists at Stanford University engaging in highly interdisciplinary research in the neurosciences.

Our Program

Through the Interdisciplinary Scholars Awards program, Wu Tsai Neuro supports innovative young researchers from basic and clinical neurosciences, biomedical sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, engineering, education, law, business and humanities who bring interdisciplinary approaches to advancing the neurosciences. In addition to providing two years of fellowship funding, the program provides scientific and career-growth opportunities and guidance under the leadership of program co-directors and faculty mentors Professors Miriam Goodman and Liqun Luo.

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The Interdisciplinary Scholars program brings together cohorts of postdocs representing the broad range of demographic, experiential and scientific diversity. Women and postdocs from groups underrepresented in the neurosciences are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Program elements

In addition to receiving two years of fellowship support, Wu Tsai Neuro Interdisciplinary Scholars meet monthly with their cohort and the program faculty mentors to share ideas and discuss approaches to scientific and career challenges, visit each other’s labs to learn about different research techniques and areas of study, and practice communicating their research to scientific and general audiences. Wu Tsai Neuro is pleased to provide parental leave for its Interdisciplinary Scholars, and Scholars also receive $3000 of discretionary research funds annually. Learn more:

Terms and Conditions

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The 2022 application period is now closed.

Application and Eligibility


Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute Interdisciplinary Scholars