Darian Hadjiabadi

Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow (Anonymous Donor)
PhD Student
Department of Bioengineering

The oppressive Florida sun which Darian grew up under swiftly drove him to pursue undergraduate studies in the arctic tundra. At Johns Hopkins University, Darian majored in computer science and biomedical engineering, where he additionally performed research with Dr. Michael I. Miller's computational neuroanatomy group. During this period, Darian was inspired to learn more about the brain and how it functions in both health and disease. To that effect, Darian joined the functional brain imaging lab of Dr. Arvind P. Pathak at Johns Hopkins. There, he investigated the global impact of brain and tumor-induced neurovascular uncoupling on the resting-state connectivity between brain regions. Notably, the primary findings from this study corroborate numerous human experiments, propels our understanding of non-local interactions in brain networking resulting from local perturbations, and ultimately opens the door towards using the resting-state fMRI signal as an early detector for brain cancer.