Seed Grants Program


Our Seed Grants program sparks new collaborations between scientists from across the University to engage in innovative, collaborative research projects in the neurosciences. 

Seed grant research projects should involve at least two independent co-PI's who combine their expertise in an innovative fashion to address important problems in basic and clinical neuroscience.

We encourage applications from teams forming unique connections between neuroscience and other bastions of disciplinary strength at Stanford: 

  1. engineering and the quantitative sciences
  2. chemical and molecular biology
  3. the social sciences, humanities and professional schools of education, law and business

Applying for Seed Grants

Seed Grant competitions occur every two years. Awards of $300,000 each ($150,000/year for two years) are awarded to up to five research teams. 

Funded Seed Grant projects

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
Seed Grant
Genetic tools to determine circuit-specific roles of myelination

These tools will enable us to dissect how myelin contributes to specific brain circuits and types of neurons, bringing us closer to a holistic understanding of how cells in the brain collaborate to build a functional nervous system.

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
Seed Grant
Brain mechanisms of spatial reasoning in mathematics
We aim to understand how brain mechanisms of spatial reasoning are brought into play during symbolic mathematical cognition and to identify individual differences in these mechanisms that co-vary with mathematical ability and mathematical experience.