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Big Ideas in Neuroscience 2015-2016

Stanford Neurosciences Institute, Big Ideas

Oct 2 2014

Announcing Big Ideas in Neuroscience

Round 1, Phase 1, 2015-2016

Throughout the Spring and Summer of 2014, interdisiciplinary teams of Stanford faculty dreamed big and imagined neuroscience transformed.  The results were Big Ideas - new interdisciplinary collaborations spanning Stanford schools and departments aimed at tackling fundamental problems in neuroscience.  With input from a diverse group of internal reviewers, the SNI executive committee selected seven proposals to become prioritized initiatives for the Stanford Neurosciences Institute.  Each Big Idea extends work already occurring at Stanford to create broader impact than any faculty member could have alone. The initiatives fall broadly into three categories:

NeuroDiscovery - probing the inner workings of the brain

  • NeuroChoice

    Brian Knutson (psychology), Keith Humphreys (psychiatry), Rob Malenka (neurobiology and psychiatry)
    Probes how the brain makes decisions and expands that to influence public policy and economic decisions.
    Read More     Visit the NeuroChoice Website

  • NeuroCircuit

    Amit Etkin (psychiatry), Stephen Baccus (neurobiology)
    Combines a detailed understanding of brain circuits with technology that modulates neural activity to develop improved ways of treating mental health conditions.
    Read More     Visit the NeuroCircuit Website     Join the NeuroCircuit Mailing List

  • NeuroVision

    Steve Chu (molecular and cellular physiology), Liqun Luo (biology), Tom Südhof (molecular and cellular physiology)
    Develops optical technologies that enable neuroscientists to visualize the brain in unprecedented detail.
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NeuroEngineering - creating innovative new technologies for interfacing with the brain

  • Brain-Machine Interface

    Kwabena Boahen (bioengineering), E.J. Chichilnisky (neurosurgery and ophthalmology)
    Develops technology to interface with the brain and create intelligent prosthetics.
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  • NeuroFab

    Nick Melosh (materials science) and Craig Garner (psychiatry)
    Creates an incubator for next-generation neural interface platforms.
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NeuroHealth - translating neuroscience discoveries into treatments


Big Ideas Case Statement

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