The NeuroFab: The hub for new ideas in neuro-engineering

Our Vision

The NeuroFab is a neuro-technology ‘incubator’ for developing next-gen neural interface platforms, enabling experts in the fields of engineering and nanotechnology to bring new ideas into the neuroscience space in close interaction with leading neuroscientists to achieve truly revolutionary capabilities. The NeuroFab will create a creative and active community of engineers and biologists working together without the technical and biological barriers typically associated with beginning new projects in this area. The NeuroFab will operate a “Hub” facility where new ideas can be rapidly implemented and tested, accelerating the pace of research and eventual translation to the clinic.

Project Details

Funding Type:

Big Ideas in Neuroscience Award

Award Year:


Lead Researcher(s):

Team Members:

John Huguenard (Biology Group, Neurology)
Josef Parvizi, MD, PhD (Biology Group, Neurology)
Anthony J. Ricci, PhD (Biology Group, Otolaryngology)
H. Craig Heller (Biology Group, Biology)
Miriam B. Goodman (Biology Group, Molecular and Cellular Physiology)
Philip Wong (Engineering Group, Electrical Engineering)
Jennifer Dionne (Engineering Group, Materials Science and Engineering)
Bianxiao Cui (Engineering Group, Chemistry)
Krishna Shenoy (Engineering Group, Electrical Engineering / Bioengineering)
Alberto Salleo (Engineering Group, Materials Science and Engineering)