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Announcing 2021 NeuroTech trainees and MBCT students

MBCT students and mentors
Oct 22 2021

By Nicholas Weiler


Wu Tsai Neuro and the Center for Mind Brain Computation and Technology (MBCT) are pleased to welcome our new cohorts of NeuroTech trainees and MBCT student members.

MBCT supports PhD student members from empirical, computational, technical or theoretical backgrounds as they stretch beyond the traditional boundaries of their department or lab to learn complementary interdisciplinary approaches, advancing their research and helping them develop into leaders and innovators in their field.

The affiliated NeuroTech training program draws Stanford graduate students from the technical disciplines of engineering, computer science, statistics, applied physics and physics into the emerging world of neurotechnology. Trainees spend three years immersed in coursework, research, seminars and travel opportunities designed to introduce them to the unique questions and challenges facing the field of neuroscience. Working together with faculty mentors and fellow trainees, NeuroTech students are empowered to apply their technical skills to advancing neuroscience discovery and human health and to become leaders in the emerging field of neurotechnology.

"I am very excited to welcome our new cohort of PhD student members of the Center for Mind, Brain, Computation, and Technology and the NeuroTech graduate training program," said MBCT Director Jay McClelland, PhD, who is Lucie Stern Professor in the Social Sciences in the Department of Psychology.  "I have had a chance to meet with all of these students, and I am thrilled by diversity of interests, scientific and cultural backgrounds and personal identities they bring to the community, and by the enthusiasm they bring to engaging with the MBCT’s interdisciplinary community."

"I’m thrilled about our new NeuroTech cohort and about the incredibly strong and diverse collection of students in our program and community," added NeuroTech program director E.J. Chichilnisky, PhD, who is John R. Adler Professor in the departments of Neurosurgery and of Ophthalmology. "We know that engineering and technology have played a crucial role in advancing neuroscience research in the last decade, and will play that role even more in the future — and these are the students who are going to make this happen! I feel lucky to be working with them and helping them to realize their research aspirations."

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2021 MBCT Student Members

Grace Huckins (Neurosciences)

Research Interests: Neuroimaging, psychiatry, dynamical modeling, philosophy, explanation

Primary Advisor: Russell Poldrack

Austin Kuo (Neurosciences)

Research Interests: Vision, perception, neuroscience, psychophysics, fMRI

Primary Advisor: Justin Gardner

Michael Silvernagel (Electrical Engineering)

Primary Advisor: Paul Nuyujukian

Tara Srirangarajan (Psychology)

Research Interests: affective neuroscience, decision-making, neuroimaging

Primary Advisor: Brian Knutson

Huan Wang (Psychology)

Research Interests: Psychology, emotion, fMRI, multivariate pattern analysis

Primary Advisor: Jeanne Tsai

Lisa Yamada (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests: Quantitative EEG, human neuroelectrophysiology, information theory

Primary Advisor: Paul Nuyujukian

Julia Costacurta (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests: Statistical modeling, computational neuroscience

Primary Advisor: Scott Linderman

2021 NeuroTech Trainees

Erin Kunz (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests: 
Primary Advisor: Krishna Shenoy (Electrical Engineering) | Co-Advisor: Scott Linderman (Statistics)

Ava Lakmazaheri (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests: Mechanical Engineering, exoskeleton assistance, neuromechanics, motor learning

Primary Advisor: Steve Collins (Electrical Engineering)

Yuya Nishio (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests: minimally invasive neural interface, soft electronics, mixed-signal circuits

Primary Advisor: Zhenan Bao (Electrical Engineering) | Co-Advisor: Ivan Soltesz

Andrew (AJ) Philips (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests: neuroengineering, bi-directional neural interface, artificial retina, experimental neuroscience

Primary Advisor: E.J. Chichilnisky

Praful Vasireddy (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests: Retinal prostheses, multi-electrode stimulation, current steering, selectivity

Primary Advisor: E.J. Chichilnisky | Co-Advisor: Subhasish Mitra

Carl Keck (Materials Science and Engineering)

Research Interests: Optogenetics, plasmonics, neuromodulation, nanofabrication

Primary Advisor: Guosong Hong | Co-Advisor: Xiaoke Chen

Shreyas Murilidaran (Electrical Engineering)

Research Interests: Cognitive Neuroscience, Visuospatial Attention, Electrophysiology

Primary Advisor: Krishna Shenoy (Electrical Engineering) | Co-Advisor: Tirin Moore (Neurobiology)