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Media Coverage

Jul 10 2019 | PBS
Deep sleep and REM sleep could be universal among vertebrates, stretching 450 million years back in evolutionary time.
Jul 10 2019 | Newsweek
Scientists who studied a small, transparent fish believe the way humans sleep could have evolved 450 million years ago.
Jul 10 2019 | National Goegraphic
Scientists who peered inside snoozing zebrafish have spotted some strikingly familiar patterns of activity.
Jul 9 2019 | Stanford Children's Health
Many young children develop a stutter as they learn to speak—as their brains are processing thousands of new words and sounds in the first few years of their lives. For the majority of these children, the stutter will go away on its own. But for others, the right treatment with a speech-language...
Jul 8 2019 | MIT Technology Review
MIT Technology Review announced their '35 Innovators Under 35' list and Guosong Hong is on that list.
Jul 6 2019 | EurekAlert!
Concussion researchers have long suggested that damage to the corpus callosum, a thick bundle of nerves that connects the brain's two halves, could result in some common side effects of concussion, like dizziness or vision problems. The assumption is straightforward - that damage to the corpus...
Jul 2 2019 | Whte House News
Today, President Donald J. Trump announced the recipients of the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).
Jun 11 2019 | The Washington Post
Stanford neuroscientist Jamil Zaki’s new book, “The War for Kindness: Building empathy in a fractured world,” makes a powerful case for kindness and empathy — not only because they make the world a better place, but because they help us, too.
May 31 2019 | The New York Times
The phrase can’t remotely capture our ever-shifting digital experience, social scientists say. Say hello to the “screenome.”
May 28 2019 | CISION PRWeb
Ten Researchers Selected to Receive $6M in Total Science Funding for Cutting-edge Research