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Media Coverage

Mar 16 2023 | The Washington Post
Cyclic sighing appears to be particularly effective among different breathing exercises and better than mindfulness meditation, according to a study  authored by Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate David Spiegel and others.
Mar 11 2023 | KRON 4
Just how long does marijuana affect your motor skills or impair driving? Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate Keith Humphreys said the answer is a complicated one.
Mar 1 2023 | Consumer Reports
Features like Sleep Focus and Bedtime Mode may help you get a good night’s rest. 
Feb 16 2023 | Neurology Today
Wu Tsai Nero affiliate Kristen K. Steenerson shares her insights on a new web-based system that could potentially let patients treat themselves at home.
Feb 15 2023 | Nature
Brain cells are crucial for triggering fights — but also become active when mice merely observe fights.
Jan 27 2023 | Spectrum
Oxytocin signaling may not be responsible for prairie voles’ strong social bonds, including their proclivity for staying close to their mates according to recent findings by Wu Tsai Neuro researchers and colleagues.
Jan 27 2023 | The Atlantic
Wu Tsai Neuro researchers and colleagues make groundbreaking discovery in neuroscience. Oxytocin, often lauded as the “hug hormone,” might not be necessary to induce affection.
Jan 20 2023 | Live Science
Experts, including Stanford researchers, weigh in on whether the newly approved Alzheimer's treatment lecanemab is worth taking.
Dec 12 2022 | San Jose Mercury News
New study builds the foundation for future success against brain decline.
Sep 23 2022 | The Atlantic
Brain fog isn’t like a hangover or depression. It’s a disorder of executive function that makes basic cognitive tasks absurdly hard.