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Media Coverage

Mar 20 2019 | Medium
We all know it’s harder to ID people of different races, but our bias goes so much deeper
Mar 18 2019 | The Washington Post
On Monday, the university launched the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), a sprawling think tank that aims to become an interdisciplinary hub for policymakers, researchers and students who will go on to build the technologies of the future.
Mar 8 2019 | The New York Times
Esketamine, the nasal-spray antidepressant recently approved by the F.D.A., is promising, but using it entails some practical challenges.
Mar 7 2019 | EHS Daily Advisor
There’s no denying it. Mental health issues, particularly stress, are an unavoidable aspect of doing business in the 21st century.
Feb 28 2019 | Time
Scientists now believe that our brains have incredible potential for change.
Feb 22 2019 | CNN
While there's early evidence that the explosive rate of opioid deaths has started to slow, opioids killed more than 49,000 people in the United States in 2017, according to preliminary data. A new study reveals which part of the country has been affected the most by the ongoing epidemic.
Feb 19 2019 | The Wall Street Journal
Post-traumatic stress diagnoses have long focused on combat soldiers. Now, doctors are increasingly aware of those symptoms in another group: parents of children with life-threatening medical conditions.
Feb 14 2019 | The Fix
Ketamine can relieve the symptoms of depression, but it's especially effective at reducing suicidal thoughts quickly, sometimes within 40 minutes.
Feb 14 2019 | Self
Scary, to say the least.
Feb 14 2019 | Psychiatry Advisor
More than 50% of individuals with schizophrenia experience negative symptoms, which are associated with substantial challenges for patients and their families. Those affected have been found to have poor treatment response and worse functional outcomes compared with patients without negative...