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Media Coverage

Jan 14 2019 | Fortune
A few days before tugging on surgical gloves to slice open a patient’s brain, doctors at Stanford University slip on virtual reality goggles to help prepare for the risky procedure. Conventional MRI or CT scans can reveal only so much about what a patient’s brain looks like. But feed those images...
Dec 19 2018 | Fast Company
From the disappearance of good health insurance to the psychological effects of long hours, the modern workplace is taking its toll on all of us.
Dec 18 2018 | The New York Times
Alarmed by the addictive nature of nicotine in e-cigarettes and its impact on the developing brain, public health experts are struggling to address a surging new problem: how to help teenagers quit vaping.
Dec 14 2018 | The Atlantic
Chores are the worst.
Dec 12 2018 | The Washington Post
Studies suggest the role of caregiver can put people at risk for developing PTSD.
Dec 12 2018 | The New York Stem Cell Foundation
Congratulations! – Robertson Stem Cell Investigator and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University Sergiu Pasca, MD, for receiving the 2018 Daniel H. Efron Research Award.
Dec 10 2018 | Science
Simply telling people they had a gene that lowers exercise ability made them perform worse on a treadmill.
Dec 3 2018 | NPR
While a day or two of complete rest may be necessary for kids after a concussion, any more could leave them feeling isolated and anxious, says Angela Lumba-Brown, a pediatric emergency medicine physician who helped shape new guidelines.
Dec 3 2018 | The New Yorker
The discovery of brain structures that apparently mark time has raised a larger question: What is time, anyway?
Nov 24 2018 | Forbes
New study points to remarkable outcomes for victims of paralysis.