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Media Coverage

Aug 25 2023 | Healthline
Brain-computer interface technology assisted with language learning AI allows paralyzed individuals to speak by reading brain activity and decoding it into speech according to new research co-authored by Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate Erin Kunz.
Aug 23 2023 | Washington Post
Using brain implants, machine learning and a predictive model, researchers at Stanford Medicine and Wu Tsai Neuro decoded a woman’s attempts to speak at a rate that begins to approach natural conversation.
Aug 21 2023 | Neuroscience News
Researchers at the Wyss-Coray Lab have discovered that age-related cognitive decline is most pronounced in the brain’s white matter in a new study funded in part by the Knight Initiative for Brain Resilience.
Aug 21 2023 | GEN
A study in mice suggests that the most pronounced changes that occur over time are in the white matter—neurons that are integral to transmitting signals across the brain. The research also examined how two anti-aging treatments—caloric restriction and infusions of plasma from young mice—affect...
Aug 11 2023 | San Francisco Chronicle
Stanford University scientists have identified a brain circuit that controls sex drive in male mice, a finding researchers say could one day lead to a better understanding of human sexuality. If replicated in people, the findings could significantly boost our understanding of sexual behavior.
Apr 6 2023 | Polygon
Jesse Gomez, Wu Tsai Neuro alumni and current assistant professor at Princeton University, found that long-term Pokémon fans’ brains are built differently in research during his time at Stanford.
Mar 23 2023 | VeryWell Health
Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate Robert P. Cowan comments on the positive impact of the new FDA-approved migrate nasal spray, Zavzpret.
Mar 20 2023 | Nature Neuroscience
Institute scholar Paul Nuyujukian and Mark Churchland remember the great Krishna Shenoy, who passed away earlier this year. Colleagues gathered last week at Memorial Church to celebrate Krishna's life.
Mar 16 2023 | The Washington Post
Cyclic sighing appears to be particularly effective among different breathing exercises and better than mindfulness meditation, according to a study  authored by Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate David Spiegel and others.
Mar 11 2023 | KRON 4
Just how long does marijuana affect your motor skills or impair driving? Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate Keith Humphreys said the answer is a complicated one.