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Media Coverage

Jan 21 2021 | Spectrum News
Fusing dissimilar spheres of neurons enables researchers to model the circuit differences seen in a genetic condition linked to autism, a new study shows.
Jan 6 2021 | Nature Methods
Organoids generated by spatially organizing multiple cell types, called assembloids, will enable deeper insights into tissue function.
Dec 3 2020 | Nature Biotechnology
Cortico-striatal projections are critical components of forebrain circuitry that regulate motivated behaviors.
Nov 20 2020 | Neuroscience News
Researchers identified several brain areas that acted as hubs for information processing across brain networks that contribute to memory recall.
Oct 28 2020 | Should This Exist?
We could add years to our lives – but is that what we really want?
Oct 5 2020 | National Public Radio
Scientists used light to control the firing of specific cells to artificially create a rhythm in the brain that acted like the drug ketamine
Sep 28 2020 | National Institute of Mental Health
Findings show deficits in the electrical activity of cortical cells; possible targets for treatment for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.
Sep 28 2020 | Nature Medicine
Study illustrates how stem cell derived models can be used to uncover and rescue cellular phenotypes associated with genetic forms of neuropsychiatric disease.
Jul 13 2020 | Forbes
So 9/11, SARS epidemic, we're probably seeing the same thing now with COVID. In the United States where we see these age differences shift, when people in the population become aware that time is not unlimited, that mortality places a limit on how much time we have in the future. And when people...
Jul 9 2020 | wbur
The more powerful people are, the less likely they are to have empathy because they're less likely to need other people.