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Media Coverage

Jun 26 2018 | The Conversation
Growth mindset interventions are becoming increasingly popular in schools.
Jun 21 2018 | Stanford Children's Health
In the last several weeks, thousands of migrant children have been separated from their parents as families attempt to cross the southern border into the United States. These separations hurt children’s well-being and have negative effects on their developing brains.
Jun 15 2018 | Slare
Bragging about being overworked is not a badge of honor.
Jun 13 2018 | The Atlantic
The surprising virtues of talking behind people’s backs
Jun 12 2018 | McKnight Foundation
Brad Zuchero Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford University, selected to receive the 2018 McKnight Scholar Award.
Jun 1 2018 | ABC 7
Does a low cellphone battery give you anxiety? Then, you may need to see a doctor because you could be suffering from nomophobia.
May 29 2018 | NBC News Better
Expert tips to help you get through what feels like the worst 10 or 15 minutes of your life.
May 29 2018 | The Daily Beast
Transcranial magnetic stimulation is among the latest, most promising—though controversial—methods of helping people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
May 25 2018 | The New York Times
Time is a funny thing. All minutes are 60 seconds long. But some last longer than others. And there may be no minute that lasts as long or causes as much distress as a minute spent on an unmoving New York City subway train, somewhere in a dark tunnel, bereft of explanation or knowledge when motion...
May 24 2018 | Public Radio Tulsa
Neurobiologist and primatologist Robert Sapolsky has spent his professional life attempting to understand the underpinnings and science behind human behavior, studying wild baboon populations as well as the complex workings of the human brain.