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Media Coverage

Mar 8 2021 | Everyday Health
‘Losing’ an hour of sleep every spring may be unpleasant, but research suggests it may be hurting our health, too. Here’s what you should know.
Jan 21 2021 | Spectrum News
Fusing dissimilar spheres of neurons enables researchers to model the circuit differences seen in a genetic condition linked to autism, a new study shows.
Jan 6 2021 | Nature Methods
Organoids generated by spatially organizing multiple cell types, called assembloids, will enable deeper insights into tissue function.
Dec 3 2020 | Nature Biotechnology
Cortico-striatal projections are critical components of forebrain circuitry that regulate motivated behaviors.
Nov 20 2020 | Neuroscience News
Researchers identified several brain areas that acted as hubs for information processing across brain networks that contribute to memory recall.
Oct 28 2020 | Should This Exist?
We could add years to our lives – but is that what we really want?
Oct 5 2020 | National Public Radio
Scientists used light to control the firing of specific cells to artificially create a rhythm in the brain that acted like the drug ketamine
Sep 28 2020 | National Institute of Mental Health
Findings show deficits in the electrical activity of cortical cells; possible targets for treatment for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.
Sep 28 2020 | Nature Medicine
Study illustrates how stem cell derived models can be used to uncover and rescue cellular phenotypes associated with genetic forms of neuropsychiatric disease.