Speaker Selection | Neurosciences Seminar Series

The Wu Tsai Neuro seminar series is consistently excellent and relevant to our neurosciences community because our speakers are nominated by you!

Nominating speakers

Wu Tsai Neuro is dedicated to creating a seminar series with speakers who can share a wide array of perspectives and scientific expertise with our diverse community. Speakers from all faculty career stages will be considered, and we encourage you to nominate of speakers from groups that have been historically marginalized from science.

As you compile a list of nominees, you may wish to consult the following resources:

Submitting nominations

You may submit unlimited nominations (one at a time) at any point during the nomination period. 

Enter as much information as possible. Try to be accurate with name spelling and institution.

Submissions will be most efficient if you have all of the following ready for each nominee:

  • Seminar speaker’s name, title, institution, email address and lab website.
  • Content notes: regarding the likely topic and general theme of neuroscience (neurobiology, imaging, engineering, etc). Links to YouTube or TED Talks help the seminar committee gauge presentation style.
  • Speaker notes: A brief statement of how the personal experience, perspectives and/or scientific expertise of the speaker brings diversity to the seminar series.

Submit nominations here

Speaker selection process

Speakers nominated by our community are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Number of nominations and/or potential for broad appeal
  • Representation of a wide variety of research areas
  • The diversity of researchers in neuroscience
  • The recent history of speakers at Stanford

Submitted nominations are compiled, generating a list of potential speakers ranked by number of nominations.

Guided by a thoughtfully designed evaluation rubric (that aims to balance ratings between content, presentation, and representation factors), the Seminar Series Committee reviews all nominations and each member casts votes for their preferred speakers. Votes are tallied, and a ranked list of all nominees is discussed at the committee meeting. 

The committee consists of faculty members, graduate students, and postdocs from various departments within School of Medicine, School of Engineering, and Humanities and Sciences.