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Seminar Series

Inaugural Symposium, Stanford Neurosciences Institute

Fundamental Themes in Neuroscience

The Stanford Neurosciences Institute hosts a weekly seminar series to bring together members of the Stanford neuroscience community to hear about and discuss cutting edge basic and/or clinical research that is relevant to the future of neuroscience.

Seminars are held on Thursdays at 12:00 noon in James H. Clark Center Auditorium.

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There are opportunities for graduate students to have lunch with the speaker, and for faculty to meet with and/or attend dinner with the speaker.  The NeuWrite West journalists interview each speaker before their seminar and publish podcasts of these wonderful NeuroTalks online.

SNI thanks the Seminar Series Committee for making it all happen: Aaron Gitler, John Huguenard, Michael Lin, Tirin Moore,  Becca Krock, Jin Hyung Lee, Lu Chen, Surya Ganguli, Forest Collman, Caitlin Mallory, and Kendra Lechtenberg.

For more information about the Stanford Neurosciences Institute Seminar Series, contact us.