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Stanford faculty members of all Stanford schools and departments are invited to become affiliates of the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute and to participate in our programs, engage in interdisciplinary endeavors, and contribute their ideas to our community.

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This is a community list-serve where members can share neuroscience-related events, news, and opportunities from across our interdisciplinary community. The Neurolist includes all Stanford neuroscience community members.  

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We are training the next generation of neuroscientists. Our students and postdocs are bridging boundaries between disciplines, making transformative discoveries and driving innovation along the way.

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Wu Tsai Neuro's interdisciplinary research grants will fundamentally advance our understanding of the mind, brain and behavior in health and disease. Through everything we do, we are bringing together brilliant people from diverse disciplines to tackle the unanswered questions in neuroscience.

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We also host a compendium of neuroscience related events across Stanford campus. Check out events across campus. 

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If you want your event to show up on this list, post it on the Stanford Events calendar and include the tag or keyword "neuroscience."

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