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Media Coverage

Feb 11 2020 | ABC News
People with epilepsy are contributing in surprising ways to research into the brain
Feb 10 2020 | National Institutes of Health
NIH-funded research used machine learning algorithm to predict individual treatment response.
Feb 5 2020 | Scientific American
Making changes to the molecular messengers that create proteins might offer flexible therapies for cancer, pain or high cholesterol, in addition to genetic disorders.
Jan 16 2020 | WBUR
The online world can be isolating — and it can even contribute to rage, depression and extremism. But technology and the web can also be used to foster community, understanding and even spirituality.
Jan 8 2020 | Nature
From a painful pinch to a soft caress, scientists are zooming in on the pressure-sensitive proteins that allow cells to detect tension and pressure.
Dec 30 2019 | Vice
As long as it took you to read that headline. Or shorter. Or it might not exist at all.
Dec 16 2019 | Scientific American
Exercise, including Qigong and Tai Chi, can produce impressive results.
Dec 12 2019 | Cell
A pair of advances in brain imaging technology will help neuroscientists track electrical activity in neurons with a new level of clarity.
Nov 25 2019 | Elemental Medium
What’s really behind the sleepiness after a hearty Thanksgiving meal.
Nov 20 2019 | US News
When drugs fail, another option is deep brain stimulation, or DBS, where electrodes are placed in a specific brain region that helps control muscle activity.