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Media Coverage

Feb 4 2018 | KQED - NPR
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with virtual reality researcher Jeremy Bailenson about his new book Experience on Demand. And she also tries some VR herself.
Feb 2 2018 | The Mercury News
Sergiu P. Pasca uses models of the human brain, created through cellular reprogramming technology, to explore the biological underpinnings of brain disease.
Jan 30 2018 | The Mercury News
An elite team of computer scientists and medical experts from Google and three major U.S. universities believe they’ve found the best way yet to predict whether a hospitalized patient will end up leaving via the front doors or the loading dock at the morgue.
Jan 25 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
Sexual harassment can profoundly affect a victim’s health, both immediately and in the long term.
Jan 25 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
An ongoing project aims to understand how brain cells regulate their outgoing signals. The lab’s research specifically focuses on a brain structure called the thalamus and its connections — via nerve cells — to the cortex.
Jan 24 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
Using MRI brain scans in elementary school students, research showed that a better attitude toward math was linked to better function of the hippocampus — an important memory center in the brain — while the children did arithmetic problems.
Jan 24 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
Ischemic strokes account for about 85 percent of the roughly 750,000 strokes suffered annually in the United States, Stanford neurologist Greg Albers, MD, said.
Jan 22 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
Sleep – so precious, but for many, so elusive. Does technology actually help?
Jan 22 2018 | KQED - Science
Since October, when dozens of women accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, a torrent of stories about male sexual misconduct has roiled workplaces in entertainment, journalism, government and the restaurant industry. Even yoga teachers now face a day of reckoning.
Jan 19 2018 | Psychology Today
Harness the power within for better health.