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Media Coverage

Oct 15 2018 | Wired
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCHER Fei-Fei Li has spent her career trying to make software smart—with some success. Lately she’s begun to ask herself a new question: How can we make smart software aligned with human values?
Oct 7 2018 | The Mercury News
The battle over screen time between parents and kids is now being fought on more fronts than ever before as devices multiply, schools require children to use technology for homework and every place from the car to BART to the gas station has a screen.
Sep 17 2018 | New York Times
The C.D.C.’s first guidelines to focus on children’s head injuries steer doctors away from CT scans and prolonged isolation.
Sep 5 2018 | Stanford Magazine
After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the former civil rights lawyer began creating provocative works of art from the scans of her own diseased brain.
Sep 5 2018 | Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute
Stanford faculty Karl Deisseroth, Nolan Williams, Laura Roberts and Sergiu Pasca are featured in the documentary film "Minds Wide Open", showcasing exciting advances and tantalizing opportunities in brain science.
Sep 4 2018 | Science
In 2007, Stanford University neuroscientist Ben Barres published an essay comparing the experiences of female and male scientists. What made this essay noteworthy was that he wrote from personal experience.
Sep 4 2018 | National Science Foundation
17 new projects support preparation of future leaders in the STEM workforce.
Aug 29 2018 | NPR
A new study suggests that ketamine, an increasingly popular treatment for depression, has something in common with drugs like fentanyl and oxycodone.
Aug 29 2018 | Palo Alto Online
County, Stanford hope to open clinics in San Jose, Palo Alto area.
Aug 28 2018 | Time
Having habits can often be a good thing. When you drive to work for example, the route becomes habit. But sometimes, habits can lead us astray—whether it’s turning to comfort food when we’re sad, or taking a cigarette break when stressed.