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Media Coverage

May 28 2022 | The Washington Post
By stretching the length of deep sleep, Tucker’s device aims to boost that overnight wash cycle. Someday soon, he hopes, something like it will be widely used by people to clear their heads — literally.
May 23 2022 | The New York Times
16 years ago, Dennis DeGray was paralyzed in an accident. Now, implants in his brain allow him some semblance of control.
May 11 2022 | The Washington Post
Keith Humphreys comments on the drug overdose epidemic.
May 11 2022 | New York Times
Researchers identified a protein in the fluid that could boost the cognition of aging animals — and might lead to future treatments for people.
May 11 2022 | STAT
Researchers at Stanford University discovered that if you transfuse cerebrospinal fluid from a young mouse into an old one, it will recover its former powers of recall and freeze in anticipation.
May 11 2022 | Nature News
A protein in cerebrospinal fluid helps boost cells that maintain brain function.
May 11 2022 | Fortune
Institute affiliate Carolyn Rodriguez explains that traditional treatment methods for depression don’t work for some patients, but psychedelics are showing immense potential as an antidote for those who are suffering.
Apr 28 2022 | Time Magazine
Hypnosis creates “a non-judgmental immersive experience,” says David Spiegel, a Stanford University psychiatrist and leading researcher of hypnosis.
Apr 4 2022 | NPR
Psychiatrist and author Anna Lembke says, almost every behavior has become "drugified."
Mar 27 2022 | Washington Post
Researchers say the brain inflammation in long covid is similar to that in cancer patients. Featuring Michelle Monje.