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Media Coverage

Aug 23 2018 | Time
Alia Crum, principal investigator at the Stanford Mind & Body Lab, who is studying placebo says "We view placebo effect as the product of your body’s ability to heal, which is activated by our mind-sets and expectations to heal, and shaped by medical ritual, branding of drugs and the words...
Aug 21 2018 |
A new Stanford-designed technology pairs Google Glass with a face-identifying AI app that tells wearers what emotions they’re seeing
Aug 20 2018 | The Atlantic
More and more Americans are reporting near-constant cannabis use, as legalization forges ahead.
Aug 20 2018 | SF Chronicle
Sometimes the enormous success of science leads to some wrong assumptions. In the case of brain science, the advent of sophisticated brain scans opened a window to the brain as never before.
Aug 17 2018 | U.S. News
The neurological condition starts more often in old age than in middle age.
Aug 16 2018 | SF GATE
Getting a sound night’s sleep is important for good health. But, sometimes older adults get much less sleep than they need. Health experts say seniors could sleep better if they made some simple changes.
Aug 12 2018 | Scientific American
Speeding up the chemical messenger’s action makes autism-modeling mice more social
Aug 6 2018 | San Francisco Chronicle
A Palo Alto company is teaming up with a Stanford health care network and several regional high schools for a study that will use virtual reality headsets to track eye movements to better spot concussions.
Aug 5 2018 | NBC News
What's perhaps the most important qualification in finding the right therapist? Your own intuition.
Jul 30 2018 | How stuff works
Some people really like riding coasters — but is it possible to get addicted to the endorphin high?