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Media Coverage

Jan 19 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
Worry, particularly obsessive worrying, could be considered as a separate emotional trait from anxiety and depression when determining best treatment options for those with mental health disorders.
Jan 18 2018 | BBC Future
In December 1963 two boys hit upon an idea for a school science project – stay awake for as long as possible. And it shed new light on what happens inside our tired brains.
Jan 15 2018 | Reuters
During a stressful time, smelling a partner’s scent might help ease anxiety, a study suggests.
Jan 10 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
It’s probably not all that surprising that brand new Stanford undergraduates would be interested in messing around with robots, computer programming and touch-based feedback systems, but mechanical engineering professor Allison Okamura, PhD., found it interesting how many of her students chose to...
Jan 9 2018 | Daily Beast
A letter from investors to Apple urges the tech giant to address childhood tech addiction.
Jan 6 2018 | The Economist
Once data have been extracted from the brain, how can they be employed to best effect?
Jan 6 2018 | NBC News - MACH
The findings offer promise for those who suffer from life-threatening addiction and other destructive disorders.
Jan 5 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
Singer-songwriter Beatie Wolfe was inspired to explore the power of music on people with dementia after reading Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain.
Jan 3 2018 | Stanford Medicine - Scope
Cancer patients recovering from chemotherapy suffer not only nausea, but many patients also lose their sense of taste and struggle to eat enough to support their recovery.
Dec 29 2017 | The Washington Post
We hear a lot about aging societies these days. At the same time, we hear relatively little about being old from older people themselves. In part, this is because most people in their 60s, 70s and older still don’t think of themselves as “old.” We often refer to old people in the third person.