Amber Alhadeff - The power of hunger

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Thursday, April 6, 2023
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12:00pm to 1:00pm PDT
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Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
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Join us at Gunn Rotunda in the Stanford Neurosciences Building to learn about the latest cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary brain research, from biochemistry to behavior and beyond

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The power of hunger


How do we know when we are hungry? And how does the body communicate with the brain to signal when to stop eating? The control of energy homeostasis is tightly regulated by interactions between the gut and the brain, and deviations in this regulation can lead to multiple diseases that are rooted in body weight control. Yet, our understanding of this gut-brain communication is in its infancy. This talk will explore ongoing work in the Alhadeff lab that seeks to gain a better comprehension of the biological intricacies underlying body weight control.  

Amber Alhadeff

University of Pennsylvania 

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Dr. Amber L. Alhadeff began her career in research in 2007 when she joined the laboratory of Dr. Harvey Grill at the University of Pennsylvania as a sophomore in college. She continued on to get her Ph.D. with Dr. Harvey Grill and Dr. Matthew Hayes, where she investigated the effects of hindbrain neuroendocrine signaling on food intake control. After receiving her Ph.D., Amber joined the laboratory of Dr. J. Nicholas Betley at Penn for her postdoctoral research. During her time in the Betley Lab, Dr. Alhadeff explored the physiological regulation of homeostatic and reward circuits in the brain. The Alhadeff Lab opened in 2020 at the Monell Chemical Senses Center and Department of Neuroscience at Penn and is focused on the gut-brain signaling dynamics underlying motivated behavior. The Alhadeff lab is funded by the NIH, the Klingenstein Fund and Simons Foundation, the American Heart Association, Pew Trusts, and the New York Stem Cell Foundation, and Amber was awarded the 2021 Eppendorf & Science Prize in Neurobiology. 

Hosted by - Dr. William Giardino

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