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Cell type characterization and circuit mapping in the mouse cortex and beyond - Hongkui Zeng

February 1, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Clark Center Auditorium

Cell type characterization and circuit mapping in the mouse cortex and beyond 

Stanford Neurosciences Institute, Hongkui Zeng

Hongkui Zeng, PhD

Executive Director, Structured Science
Allen Institute for Brain Science

Host: Liqun Luo


The brain circuit is an intricately interconnected network of numerous cell types. Combining genetic tools with large-scale imaging and single-cell analysis technologies presents us with the opportunity to gain systematic understanding of the properties, interconnections and functions of these cell types. At the Allen Institute, we are building multiple platforms, including single-cell transcriptomics, single and multi-patching electrophysiology, 3D reconstruction of neuronal morphology, high throughput brain-wide connectivity mapping, and large-scale neuronal activity imaging, to characterize the transcriptomic, physiological, morphological, and connectional properties of different types of neurons in a standardized way, towards a taxonomy of cell types and a description of their connectivity matrix for the mouse visual cortico-thalamic system. Building such knowledge base lays the foundation towards the understanding of the computational mechanisms of cortical function.

Curriculum Vitae

Related papers

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