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Michael Greicius | Multiomics Profiling of Costa Rican Centenarians (Innovation Grant)

Michael Greicius
January 12, 2023 - 2:00pm to 2:10pm
Li Ka Shing Center, Paul Berg Hall


Michael Greicius

Stanford University

Session Overview

Innovation Grant Lightning Talk:

"Multiomics Profiling of Costa Rican Centenarians"

Michael Greicius (PI), Euan Ashley, David Rehkopf and Hua Tang will study 500 older healthy Centenarians to uncover biological factors connected to brain resiliency. They aim to identify gene and protein patterns that protect against age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s to find novel targets for drugs that mimic these natural protections.

Team: Michael Greicius (PI), Euan Ashley, David Rehkopf and Hua Tang

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Knight Initiative for Brain Resilience
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