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Aug 6 2021 | Stanford Medicine
Lisa Giocomo and colleagues find that initial memory formation may involve both awareness of our location as well as what we were feeling when we were there.
Aug 5 2021 | Stanford News
Deborah Gordon's nearly 30-year survey, conducted at Stanford’s Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, has found that the distribution of Argentine ants has shrunk as a result of climate change. Meanwhile, native species are faring better.
Aug 4 2021 | Nature Medicine
Ivan Soltesz and colleagues find that release of the brain’s equivalent of THC, marijuana’s active component, reduces seizure activity but leads to post-seizure oxygen deprivation in the brain
Jul 30 2021 | Stanford News
Albert Bandura, the world-renowned social cognitive psychologist whose Bobo Doll experiments and theory of social learning transformed the field of psychology, has died.
Researchers from Wu Tsai Neuro and Stanford HAI settle a seemingly intractable historical debate in neuroscience — opening a world of possibilities for using AI to study the brain.
Jul 21 2021 | Stanford News
A scientific research and technology partnership, led by Stanford and engaging five other public and private universities and institutes, will explore peak human performance with the goal of transforming human health on a global scale.
Jul 20 2021
A dramatic shift in brain activity may act as a neural “conductor” to orchestrate the precise timing of skilled movements, according to research by Mark Schnitzer’s group at the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute.
Jul 8 2021 | Stanford Magazine
STANFORD magazine profiles Wu Tsai Neuro affiliate Manu Prakash, the bioengineer who brought us $1 origami microscopes, paper centrifuges and snorkel-mask PPE.
Jul 6 2021 | Stanford Medicine
Children who learned techniques such as deep breathing and yoga slept longer and better, according to a study by Wu Tsai Neuro members Ruth O'Hara, Victor Carrion and colleagues.
Jul 1 2021
In a new study, published July 1 in Cell, Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute member Shaul Druckmann, PhD, and collaborator Nuo Li, PhD, at Baylor College of Medicine, provide new insight into what is happening in the brain to determine whether we succeed or fail in these short-term memory tasks, and...