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Apr 30 2020 | Stanford Scope
Stanford scientists have taken important steps toward figuring out how to use immune therapy for a group of severe pediatric brain tumors known as atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors.
Apr 30 2020 | Stanford News
The Stanford professor and inventor has been awarded the top honor in information and communications research, and has gifted back her $100,000 honorarium to start an endowment to fund technology and diversity initiatives.
Apr 29 2020 | Stanford Medicine
Howard Chang of dermatology and of genetics, Richard Lewis of molecular and cellular physiology, and Peter Sarnow of microbiology and immunology were elected to the National Academy of Sciences.
Apr 27 2020 | Stanford News
Stanford chemists are developing new synthetic forms of a rare marine molecule that show promise for treating cancer and eradicating HIV.
Apr 27 2020 | Stanford Medicine
Cerebrospinal fluid levels of a hormone called vasopressin were lower in babies who went on to develop autism than in those who did not, a study found.
Apr 27 2020 | Stanford News
Stanford scholar Johannes Eichstaedt has built an algorithm that can provide, in principle, a real-time indication of community well-being by analyzing social media posts.
Apr 27 2020 | Stanford Magazine
An empathy scholar on the radical act we all need right now.
Apr 27 2020 | Stanford Scope
She seemed remarkably together -- well-spoken and thoughtful, just what you'd expect of a former freelance editor who had mastered multiple languages and taught at the University of California Berkeley.
Apr 23 2020 | Stanford News
Congratulations to Wu Tsai Neurosciences Affiliated faculty Howard Y. Chang, Thomas A. Rando, Peter Sarnow, Richard Lewis, and Shooter chair Thomas R. Clandinin!