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Protein levels in people’s blood can predict their age, a Stanford study has found. The study also found that aging isn’t a smoothly continuous process.
No day is the same for Carolyn Dundes, a PhD candidate in the Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine program and an LGBTQ community advocate. That's just the way Dundes likes it.
Dec 4 2019 | Stanford News
A newfound link between levels of “bad” cholesterol at birth and subsequent childhood behavior could help identify and treat people who are prone to experiencing depression and other mental difficulties.
CAR-T cells are remarkably effective against blood cancers, but their effect can be transient as the cells become exhausted. Stanford researchers found a way to keep the cells effective in mice with human tumors.
After planning the delicate surgery with virtual reality programs and hours of practice, the team, led by pediatric neurosurgeon Gerald Grant, MD, used endoscopic tools to take the tumor out through the patient's nose.
It's concerning because adolescents' developing brains are more likely to become addicted, and they are more likely to have learning issues and problems concentrating if they develop a nicotine addiction.
Soon after undergoing neurosurgery to treat moyamoya disease at Stanford Hospital, Bethel Tan was lying in bed, in too much pain to sleep. Seeing her awake, the nurse on the night shift sat down in her room.
Nov 21 2019 | Stanford - News
Stanford biologists are using rare poison frogs that nurse their young as a way to help answer a fundamental question: Is there more than one way to build a maternal brain?
Hongjie Dai, Julie Parsonnet and Joseph Wu are among the 90 regular members and 10 international members elected this year to the academy, which aims to provide independent, scientifically informed analysis and recommendations on health issues.
A robotic surgical assistant known as ROSA™ recently helped experts at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford prepare for a minimally-invasive surgery to alleviate a little girl's seizures.