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The researchers who warned about abuses of Facebook data show how psychological profiling gets results.
This excerpt from a moving short film highlights Ting's journey from loss to healing and explains why he chose to establish the Esther Ting Memorial Professorship in Addiction Medicine at Stanford.
Clinical depression affects more than 16 million people in the United States, and each year, 44,000 people in this country die by suicide.
Apr 11 2018 | NeuWrite West
Anxiety is a feeling we all face on a daily basis about our jobs, our relationships, and even the meaning of our lives. But when normal anxiety gets so severe that it interferes with daily functioning it becomes generalized anxiety disorder. But where is the seat of anxiety in the brain?
Apr 10 2018 | Stanford Engineering
What if clinician imperfection could be improved by a form of artificial intelligence that continuously detects, and prompts correction of, defects in bedside care?
Apr 10 2018 | NeuWrite West
While demand in recent years for skilled workers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) has grown at a staggering rate, men have claimed a larger share of those positions and earnings compared to women. Biased hiring practices may explain the struggles of recent graduates, but...
It’s common knowledge that stress during pregnancy is neither good for mother nor child.
Stanford researcher Rob Malenka, MD, PhD, is known as "a neuroscientist's neuroscientist." I
Two scientists in the family inspired the career of behavioral neuroscientist Karen Parker, PhD.
Apr 4 2018 | NeuWrite West
Research has shown that ambient belonging, or the feeling of fitting into an environment can have a profound effect on peoples’ behavior. This feeling of belonging can arise from more than just one’s sense of fit with the people in the environment, and is often influenced by physical objects and...