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Big Ideas in Neuroscience

Stanford Neurosciences Institute, Big Ideas

Cross-disciplinary teams transforming our understanding of the brain

Big Ideas are the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute's flagship research projects. These five-year grants catalyze cross-disciplinary teams of researchers to collaboratively tackle fundamental questions that advance our understanding of the mind, brain and behavior in health and disease.

Our Big Ideas projects include bold projects to advance our understanding of the science of addiction and brain rejuvenation, to design new technologies to interface with the brain, and to build research platforms to connect molecular to systems-level neuroscience and advance the study of human brain organoids and assembloids in the lab.


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Applying for Big Ideas Grants

Big Ideas grant applications are currently closed. Stay tuned for announcements about our next call for letters of intent.

Big Ideas Award Announcements

Big Ideas Round 2, Phase 2 (2021)

Toolmakers aim to untangle fundamental challenges in neuroscience

Big Ideas Round 2 Phase 1 (2018)

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute announces the second round of Big Ideas

Big Ideas Round 1, Phase 2 (2017)

Stanford neuroscientists take their Big Ideas on decision-making, neurotechnology and brain rejuvenation to the next level

Big Ideas Round 1, Phase 1 (2014)

Public policies for addiction, smarter prosthetics and stroke among the Big Ideas tackled by Stanford neuroscientists