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Microwire-CMOS brain interfaces - Nicholas Melosh

Stanford Neurosciences Institute, Nicholas Melosh
October 31, 2017 - 12:10pm to 12:40pm
James Clark Auditorium

Microwire-CMOS brain interfaces

Nicholas Melosh

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and of Photon Science 

2015 Seed Grants: Massively parallel microwire arrays for deep brain stimulation

Lead Researcher(s): Jun DingNicholas Melosh


Transitioning from small numbers of neural recording electrodes to the hundreds to thousands necessary to capture even a small fraction of a region’s neural activity presents significant challenges to current brain interface approaches. Despite significant recent advances in planar cortical recording arrays, high channel count depth electrodes for stimulation or recording sub-surface regions in the brain are still lacking. Here we examined a different approach, creating bundles insulated microelectrodes and connecting them to a CMOS pixel array. In this scheme, each pixel records or stimulates through one of the microelectrodes, effectively connectorizing a large number of wires in parallel. Here we show device development and initial in vivo testing, the first steps to a fully scalable brain machine interface.

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Stanford Neurosciences Institute
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