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May 20 2020 | Stanford News
Markedly different conclusions about brain scans reached by 70 independent teams highlight the challenges to data analysis in the modern era of mammoth datasets and highly flexible processing workflows.
May 14 2020 | Stanford Scope
Bubbles spell trouble for cancer cells in mice -- and maybe one day for humans, too.
May 11 2020 | Stanford Scope
For some people there are no misty water-colored memories -- or even memories at all.
May 4 2020 | Stanford Medicine
MRI brain scans show subtle changes consistent with inflammation in a severe childhood disease in which the immune system is thought to attack the brain, Stanford researchers found.
May 4 2020 | Stanford Scope
Research shows that misshapen proteins called prions can help yeast cells survive environmental threats, such as a lack of food and common antifungal drugs.
Apr 30 2020 | Stanford Scope
Stanford scientists have taken important steps toward figuring out how to use immune therapy for a group of severe pediatric brain tumors known as atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumors.
Apr 30 2020 | Stanford News
The Stanford professor and inventor has been awarded the top honor in information and communications research, and has gifted back her $100,000 honorarium to start an endowment to fund technology and diversity initiatives.
Apr 29 2020 | Stanford Medicine
Howard Chang of dermatology and of genetics, Richard Lewis of molecular and cellular physiology, and Peter Sarnow of microbiology and immunology were elected to the National Academy of Sciences.
Apr 27 2020 | Stanford Scope
She seemed remarkably together -- well-spoken and thoughtful, just what you'd expect of a former freelance editor who had mastered multiple languages and taught at the University of California Berkeley.