Announcing: From our Neurons to Yours!

From Our Neurons to Yours Wu Tsai Neuro Podcast

We're excited to announce our new podcast "From Our Neurons to Yours"!

On this show, we criss-cross scientific disciplines to bring you to the frontiers of brain science, one simple question at a time.

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Episode Transcript

Nicholas Weiler:

The brain. It might just be the most complex object in the known universe. And right now, revolutions in genomics, artificial intelligence, imaging, materials science, and more are coming together to shed light on the three pounds of matter in your skull. In the coming decades, neuroscience is poised to help us keep our minds healthy from birth to old age. The Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute at Stanford is at the forefront of this exploration. And now we have a podcast, From Our Neurons To Yours. Our show will bring you to the frontiers of neuroscience, one simple question at a time. Questions like, why do our brains let us become addicted when substance abuse can kill us?

Keith Humphreys:

You've raised one of the real mysteries of this field, is partly why it is so frustrating and also so fascinating.

Nicholas Weiler:

What exactly is a migraine?

Gabriella Muwanga:

A migraine is a neurological disorder. It presents usually with pain. When you get this headache, it's going to be like, "Ooh, this is close to the worst pain I have ever felt."

Nicholas Weiler:

And why are neuroscientists getting excited about psychedelics and substances like MDMA?

Robert Malenka:

So studying MDMA obviously will tell you something about how MDMA works, but it will also tell you something about human interactions, like how does empathy actually happen?

Nicholas Weiler:

I'm Nicholas Weiler, the host of the podcast From Our Neurons To Yours, where we bring you to the frontiers of brain science.