Alex Gogliettino

electrical stimulation retina

Alex is a Neurosciences PhD student from Branford, CT. He completed his undergraduate degree in Neuroscience at Bates College in Lewiston, ME in 2017. Outside of the lab, Alex enjoys hiking, weightlifting, and listening to podcasts and music. Alex's research involves electrical stimulation of the macaque retina for the design of a retinal prosthesis. His specific focus is to understand how retinal ganglion cells respond to complex spatiotemporal current patterns using high-density multielectrode arrays. Alex’s primary research goal is to provide a more comprehensive understanding of how cells respond to arbitrary electrical stimuli through experimentation and computational models. The hope is that the knowledge gained from this work will enhance the resolution of electrical stimulation in a future retinal prosthesis by enabling the delivery of an electrical stimulus tailored to each individual cell.