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Undergraduate Neuroscience Research Opportunities

Stanford undergraduates are encouraged to explore the wide variety of neuroscience research opportunities available on campus, including those posted here (all by labs actively seeking undergraduate research assistants). Stanford faculty seeking research assistants are invited to submit opportunities for undergraduates. For help, please contact Elise Kleeman.

We want to discover causes and to find cures for eye and brain diseases.
To develop and study new imaging tools that visualize and quantify molecular pathways of neurological disease
We want to understand how the brain can be functioning quite normally, and then suddenly, and often unpredictably, during epileptic seizures, switch to an unresponsive state and back again.
We are interested in how the human nervous system develops and identifying the mechanisms of neuropsychiatric disorders.
We investigate mitochondrial homeostasis in neuronal survival and death
The long-term goal of our research is to provide physiological information needed to design safer and more effective anesthetics and analgesics.
We are studying the molecular basis of inherited Parkinson's disease due to mutations in LRRK2 kinase.
To optimize treatment for patients, especially children, with brain cancer by studying stem and progenitor cells
The Computational Neuroscience Laboratory (CNS LAB) aims to identify biomedical phenotypes improving the mechanistic understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.
We want to prevent neurodegeneration after axon injury and promote axon regeneration.