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Researchers disabled aging-associated genes in the short-lived African killifish, including one for an enzyme called telomerase, whose absence caused humanlike disease in the animal.
Feb 16 2015 | Slate
Meditation says to focus on the present. But life may be more meaningful if you don’t.  Stanford Postdoc Diana Tamir shows that people who have a high capacity for simulating also report more meaning in life.
Dr. Loren Frank, Professor of Physiology at UCSF talks about the hippocampus and memories, delayed gratification, and physics vs. neuroscience.
Matthew Dalva, Associate Professor of Neuroscience, at Thomas Jefferson University talks about, laser-scanning photostimulation and cortical development, Ephs, ephrins, and synapse formation.
Eduardo Chichilnisky was appointed the John R. Adler Professor, and Peter Kim was appointed the Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor of Biochemistry.
Feb 11 2015 | Daily Tech
Methods developed by Dr. Deisseroth are contributing powerful new insight in the field of neuroscience
Andrew Huberman, Assistant Professor of Neurosciences at University of California, San Diego. He talks about visual system development, really following your gut interests, and theory of mind in cuttlefish.
Feb 9 2015 | Popular Science
In addition to being scientifically important, Karl Deisseroth's research makes for some really cool-looking pictures.
Interestingly, and on a cheerier note, one of the biggest themes programmed into the Davos agenda this January was a series of events on the new scientific developments about the brain.
Feb 4 2015 | CBS Sacramento
Many different mental disorders stem from the same brain regions, a new study finds.